From the recording Pure

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Eric Martin/Andre Pessis


&nbsp;<br />
Pull up the flamingos<br />
Daddy won big at the bingo table<br />
Time to break out the pint of black label<br />
The lord works in mysterious ways<br />
<br />
Take down the velvets<br />
Of Jesus and Elvis<br />
I see a happy ending<br />
Somewhere on the road to Vegas<br />
<br />
The wheel of fortunes turning and there&rsquo;s no turning back<br />
Let&rsquo;s get while no one&rsquo;s looking, saddle up the Cadillac<br />
<br />
We burned our bridges out in California<br />
We never got a star in Hollywood<br />
Now here we are living right next door to you<br />
There goes the neighborhood<br />
<br />
Pulling in to paradise<br />
With hula dolls and the dashboard dice<br />
With the bbq on the future looks bright<br />
The lord works in mysterious ways<br />
<br />
Coming on like a blind date<br />
All teeth and handshakes<br />
If all else fails we&rsquo;ll put the peddle to the metal<br />
And follow the empties on the highway like Hansel and Gretel<br />
<br />
The wheel of fortunes turning we&rsquo;ll all be kicking back<br />
Let&rsquo;s get while the getting&rsquo;s golden, find another sugar shack<br />
<br />